Description from the supplier:

Precision, Strength and Control.

The Solá Equipment x Joe Atkinson aluminum street skating frames were designed to hold larger, faster rolling wheels in the front or back positions of the frame, while maintaining a low-riding position. Additionally, riders can experiment with different wheel rockering options for a variety of skating experiences.

Note: Requires clearance for 64mm wheels at front and back of soleplates or boots.


Aluminum Frame Body

Extruded 6061 T6 hardened aluminum, CNC milled into its final shape

Treated with a surface-hardening anodized finish

Universal Frame System (UFS) bolt configuration to fit all corresponding boots

Max. Wheel Size - 64mm (outside), 60mm (inside). The use of 64mm wheels on the front or back may require soleplate modifications.

Replaceable H-block System - V2

The replaceable H-Block is made from a naturally slick and wear resistant injection-molded polymer for all-around street or park skating.

The V2 h-block design provides increased protection against wheel bite.

Recommended for flat-rockered setups.

One-Way Axles - Version 2

The CNC turned, Black Oxide Steel Alloy screw directly into frame walls, reducing weight and complexity.

10mm deep tool cavity helps to keep bolt heads from stripping with regular use

A nylon patch is bonded to the threads, adding friction to resist loosening from vibration

Two spare axles included in each package


255mm wheelbase: Recommended for US 6-9 / EU 38-42

275mm wheelbase: Recommended for US 9-12 / EU 42-45

Outside Max. Wheel Size - 64mm

Inside Max. Wheel Size- 60mm

  • Sola 275mm - Anodized Matte Black
    1 available 100%
  • Sola 255mm - Anodized Matte Black
    1 available 100%
  • Sola 255mm - Anodized Matte Silver
    1 available 100%