Pills Wheels Future 59 mm 90a

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Pills Wheels Future 59 mm 90a

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Aggressive inline skate wheels FUTURE 59mm 90A by PILLS WHEELS
Set of 4 wheels

Are you ready to break into the future with us? FUTURE wheels are made to send you into the world of tomorrow! It all starts with a choice.

Abrasion resistant
Diameter: 59mm
Hardness: 90A
White PU
White core
Flat profile shape
Black and white graphics
Long lasting
Future 59 mm 90A inline skate wheels are suitable for all aggressive inline skates: USD, Razors, Valo, Roces, Remz, K2, Salomon, Them Skates, Adapt, Trigger Skates, IQON etc. 59 mms are standard wheels for aggressive inline skates and UFS-frames.

Flat setup (all 8 wheels touch the ground) brings more maneuverability to skates.